Who are we?

The Gurney Fund is a grant giving charity providing financial assistance to support the education and development of the children of retired or deceased police officers from our 22 subscribing forces across England and South Wales

Who is eligible?

Our Trustees will consider the children of:

  • A serving officer who has died on or off duty
  • A retired officer who has died
  • A medically retired officer where the cause is on or off duty
  • Special constables where there has been a death or injury on duty

The officer must have been serving in one of our 22 subscribing forces at the time of the death or medical retirement and the children, unless pre-school age, must be in some form of education

How do we help?

We can provide a weekly allowance towards educational expenditure to include clubs/hobbies, books, school uniform and sports kits.

Our Trustees will consider additional educational grants towards school trips, computers, driving lessons and school holiday activities with an educational or developmental benefit.

Higher education grants are available to university students.

Additional Assistance

Every beneficiary is eligible for a private counselling grant.

Every beneficiary receives a birthday gift payment.

Every beneficiary receives a Christmas gift payment.

Any application where an educational or personal developmental benefit can be established may be considered by the Trustees.