The Gurney Fund and World Mental Health Day

In such a fast-moving world, it’s crucial to take a moment to reflect on our mental well-being. World Mental Health Day provides us with the perfect opportunity to do just that.

As a police children’s charity, we recognise the vital role police officers play in safeguarding us, our families and children.

Our police officers often face unimaginable stress, trauma and danger on a daily basis. The toll this takes on their mental health cannot be underestimated. Recent years have seen an alarming increase in PTSD cases and suicides within the UK police force.

The Gurney Fund is a registered grant-giving charity which supports the children of police officers who have either died or been medically retired. The fund provides financial assistance with education and wellbeing which includes help towards private counselling.

We believe that it’s crucial to acknowledge the mental health challenges faced by our police officers and the consequential effect on their children, our beneficiaries. This is where The Gurney Fund steps in. Every beneficiary is eligible for a counselling grant which can help towards gaining access to vital services at the time they are needed, avoiding the stress of long waiting lists.

During World Mental Health Day, let’s remember that our police officers are not immune to the emotional toll of their demanding profession. As a result, many police families are affected.

We need your support more than ever

Your valuable support is needed to ensure that we can continue to help our beneficiaries in this way.

Serving police officers can sign up through their payroll to help their own families and those of their peers and colleagues. Anyone can contribute regularly or make one-time donations through JustGiving. Please reach out to our office for additional information.