Quarterly Meeting Information

At their meeting on 2 February the Trustees welcomed Mr Vojislav Mihailovic from Hertfordshire to the Board.


On 1 March allowances of £100,800 will be issued to Fund families, this figure includes grants of £16,548 to assist with school trips, laptops and swimming lessons.  For the annual review 91 families completed application forms.  Switching to applications being submitted through the website proved popular.  The review identified that assistance needed to be increased for 24 children, reduced for nine and in 11 cases ceased.  Where allowances cease contact is maintained with families and they are reminded to re-apply if their circumstances change.


An exercise, conducted by Mrs Dominique Allen, Leicestershire Police Benevolent Fund Administrator and Treasurer, has led to an increase in applications.  The Board is most grateful for Mrs Allen’s assistance in this matter and for the support of the Chief Constable, Mr Simon Cole.


Mr Paul Upham, Chairman and Miss Christine McNicol, Fund Manager attended the launch of Police Charities UK on 17 February.  This initiative, facilitated by the Police Federation of England and Wales, brought together more than 20 organisations.  A new website designed to assist access to the various organisations: whether to seek assistance, make a donation or get more information has been set up www.policecharitiesuk.org. This is a positive first step, however, all those participating appreciate there is a lot more work to be done.


The Board of Trustees next meeting takes place on 4 May applications for registration or assistance need to be submitted by Tuesday, 11 April.