Quarterly Meeting Information

Trustees: Chief Superintendent Lucy Hutson, from Hampshire and Constable Ollie Abercrombie from Devon & Cornwall attended their first meeting on 1 November.


National Police Chaplain Canon David Wilbraham gave the Fund’s Board a very informative presentation on the role of Police Chaplains’.  The Fund will be working with Canon Wilbraham to provide links to a local Police Chaplain for Fund families.


The Trustees approved applications from five families.  Grants totalling £9,407 for school trips and education related expenditure were awarded.  In addition assistance of £81,924 was awarded to those in higher and continuing further education.


Mr Jon Curtis, Investment Manager, Charles Stanley confirmed that the Fund’s reserves are in a healthy state.  Assistance reviewing subscription levels and targeting marketing was provided by Mr Simon Webber, Accountant, Kreston Reeves.  Martis Media’s communications agreement was renewed; a video, to encourage officers to subscribe and applications, is in the pipeline.


There is currently an NPCC vacancy; if interested in becoming a trustee please contact the Fund’s Manager, Miss Christine McNicol.


At the next meeting, on 7 February 2019, the focus will be the annual review of all families registered with the Fund.  This review takes place to ensure that an appropriate level of assistance is provided to beneficiaries.  Application forms need to be submitted by Wednesday, 12 December.