Quarterly Meeting Information

At their meeting on Thursday, 4 February the Board of Trustees approved the registration of three families and reinstatement of one.

This is also the point in the year that a review of everyone in receipt of assistance from the Fund is conducted. With effect from 1 April 2021 allowances were increased for 11 families, reduced for seven and ceased for 21.

Where Fund assistance ceases contact is maintained with the families until the children complete their full time education and the Board is happy to consider applications for reinstatement where a change in financial circumstances arises.

Additional assistance totalling £11,514 was approved for a diverse range of activities and higher education grants totalling £188 were awarded.

In recognition of the stresses and strains Fund families are facing due to the pandemic the Board also approved a grant of £100 for each beneficiary to be paid in March.

The impact upon the wellbeing of families was also discussed and it was agreed to increase the support available for counselling for beneficiaries from £500 to £1,000.

The next Board meeting takes place on Thursday, 6 May; applications need to be submitted by Thursday, 15 April.