Quarterly Meeting Information

It was almost like ‘old times’ when the Board of Trustees met in person on 5 August.

Although he has attended virtually it was the first opportunity for Mr Ian Simmons, Cambridgeshire to meet his colleagues and two new trustees were welcomed: Mr Jon Carter-Lang, Leicestershire and Mrs Melanie Warnes, Surrey.

Approval was given to register four families for allowances and two beneficiaries for higher education assistance. In the case of four families ‘need of relief’ could not be established. Additional assistance of £5,284 was approved for a variety of activities and equipment; higher education grants of £3,168 were approved for three students.

The closing date for applications for the next Trustees’ Meeting is Tuesday, 12 October 2021.

It will be 2022 before it takes place but approval was also given for a Fund holiday next summer.

Comprehensive reports on the Fund’s investments and annual report were given by Mrs Katie Presland, Senior Investment Manager, Charles Stanley and Mr Simon Webber, Accountant, Kreston Reeves; for the new trustees these proved to be particularly beneficial.

Mrs Sarah Johnson, Gloucestershire reported on progress regarding a referrals review initiative which it is hoped will increase applications.

Reports on the UK Police Memorial Dedication were given by the Fund’s Chairman, Mr Tim Packham and Trustee, Mr John Apter, Hampshire. From the video it was clearly a moving occasion and, despite the challenges of the British weather, a very successful event. Congratulations to all those involved in the arrangements.