Greater Wyoming Big Brothers Big Sisters is hosting this race

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medical face mask Round Square schools are united by their holistic approach to learning, and a shared commitment to the ideals of internationalism,democracy, environmentalism, adventure, leadership, and service.LCS graduates who want to live out these ideals by travelling abroad and immersing themselves in a likeminded community, can apply to spend their gap year working as a teaching assistant in one of our sister schools.This is a tremendous opportunity for exploration and growth for any student, and a particularly exciting option for LCS grads who are considering a career in education.LCS students at the BSDA school in Kampong Cham wholesale n95 mask, CambodiaLCS Boarding School Grads Can Tour the UK Europe on a BATS ScholarshipLakefield has developed a special relationship with alumni from Great Britain who over the years have attended our private boarding school in Ontario. British students who enjoyed the warmth of the Grove community during the Second World War were particularly grateful for the experience, and felt inspired to bestow a gift on LCS and our future graduates.That generous gift was the British Alumni Travelling Scholarship (BATS), which since 1980 has helped 1 or 2 selected gap year students per year travel overseas to the UK and Europe. Recipients of this award often describe their year abroad as a life changing experience that better prepared them for university.”The most important things I took away from my BATS year are learning to be responsible for myself, reflects BATS recipient, Erica Armstrong wholesale n95 mask, to live with less and appreciate more[and] to become more open to different types of people and their cultures especially now that I at university living with so many different types of people.”Travel abroad can be the ideal way for high school graduates to build self confidence, stretch beyond their habitual routines and comfort zones, and feel inspired by different cultures and new ideas. medical face mask

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medical face mask Great Cheyenne Bed Race Saturday at 3:30 pm. Greater Wyoming Big Brothers Big Sisters is hosting this race. Teams have created their own version of a dragster with a mattress. On March 30th 2016, The University of Scranton Police Department became Accredited by the PA Chiefs of Police Association when the PLEAC Commission voted unanimously to accredit UPD. Less than 10% of police agencies in Pennsylvania are PLEAC accredited, with University Police being 1 of only 6 private Colleges/Universities in PA meeting all 135 standards required for accreditation. It is a huge accomplishment for our department, and we look forward to continuing the delivery of a caring, competent wholesale n95 mask, and professional police service.. medical face mask

doctor mask Earmarks are a vital incentive to encourage lawmakers to support legislation. Party and committee leadership can say to lawmakers who are wavering on supporting a bill, “what priority in your district can I help you with in order to get your support for my proposal?” They are a carrot in a Congress that has tried for the last eight years to work with only sticks. They’re even more critical to bring back during this moment of intense partisan disagreement doctor mask.